FourFourTwo Performance: “The Ultimate Training Partner!"

FourFourTwo Performance: “The Ultimate Training Partner!"

We are proud to announce that the soccer training experts at FourFourTwo Performance recently labeled the m-station soccer rebounder as “The Ultimate Training Partner,” while stating that “birthday parties and family barbecues will never be the same again!” 

 Here's what the soccer experts at FourFourTwo Performance wrote:  

Who needs a team of specialist coaches when you can use the training tool favored by the likes of CR7? Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the m-station rebounder…

‘The World’s Best Rebounder’ may sound like a basketball legend, but it is, in fact, the cutting edge in soccer training equipment.

Some of the world’s top clubs – Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea, among them – already use Munin Sports' king-size m-station Academy rebounder, a finely-tuned rebound net that allows players to measure and then improve their technical skills. Now you can, too, with the smaller, more affordable, but no less awesome m-stations.

What’s more, the m-station comes with a free MuninPlay app, which we’re reliably informed will transform your smartphone into your own personal soccer coach. 

By creating a profile, you can set targets and improve your stats by simply placing your device into the cradle behind the net and following your choice of over 100 training drills – each comes with a video demonstration.

Better still, you can compete against your friends and teammates in person via ‘multi-player.’ Birthday parties and family barbecues will never be the same again.

Nor, it seems, will your game, with a survey of more than 1,000 m-station Talent owners revealing that 98 percent of kids who have used the revolutionary rebounder have improved their technique. Impressive.

Read the full story from FourFourTwo Performance here

Would you like to know how to use the m-station football rebounder at home or in daily training sessions at club level? Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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